Weighing in with Julie-Week 6

Day 28

So today was one of those days where I feel so mixed up I don’t think I can stand it. It plays into all of my rebellious thoughts and really wreaks havoc on my mental game. So a few weeks ago I started with a new doctor. The thyroid issue came up because I continue to struggle to lose weight, maintain weight and am cold most of the time. They did the blood work and she is a functional medicine doctor -so although I do not have classic hypothyroid, my thyroid is malfunctioning in my blood. I am producing reverse T3 ( a lot of them which slows the metabolism) and not enough T4 (regular metabolic thyroid function). The kicker is that she said low carb diets can slow the metabolism even more!!!! There is not an easy fix because she doesn’t know why the thyroid is firing off but then converting incorrectly, so we are starting on a new vitamin regime and she is checking with Julie Starkel about the diet.

BUT it just messes with my mind…why I am denying myself so much (I always think about relish and balsamic vinegar at these times because they seem so benign and yet they are not part of my current program), and it might be either not helping me or messing me up! Then I get angry, disheartened, more angry, more despondent but mostly confused. As long as I don’t have a lot of temptation, I should be fine-and the chocolate fest is coming this weekend.

Day 31

Okay, so so much for the lack of temptation…this week has been such a waste. My focus is gone, I have had little swerves all over the place. I resolve to get back on the wagon the next day but as you might know the first day is the hardest, my resolve is weak and it is harder knowing I am going right back off when the weekend comes. Sigh! Not how I saw this week going. I really want this to all work for me but I struggle. I have continued to get on the scale so I know which direction I am headed, and I keep talking to myself about my goals but I am really in a poor spot. Looking forward to rededicating myself on Monday if I can’t do it sooner.

Day 32

Today is the last day of the chocolate fest. I have done well in that I have limited myself to tastes, shared my goodies with my loved ones and will seal any chocolate I bought so I am not tempted to eat it all or get into later. I am looking forward to tomorrow to recommitting myself. I know I cannot eat just anything and I know my body runs better on high protein. I have gained about 5 pounds just this week due to my varied diet. Not easy to write this but I made this commitment and I want to be honest with how it goes. I work with children to face their deficits and use their strategies and I must remember I am no different. I want to have the sure method that I can live with, but struggle with the grey of my life right now. I have ten days before Chicago and the wedding and want to make the most of this time to feel in more control.

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