Weighing in with Julie-Week 2

Day 5

Well, I woke up this morning feeling good.  My transition back wasn’t so hard.  The fluffy weight around my middle is dissipating and less inflamed, which is one of the main symptoms I can see when I am eating off.  Sometimes I experience some gastrointestinal shifts and irritation.  The sugar irritation is still here but my family is kind enough to understand, and we are able to label it for what it is when it comes.  So now that I had made it four days, I thought I should look for pink.  My real hope was just to see a slight pink, but I was pleasantly surprised by being saturated pink.  Oh, perhaps I should explain in case you don’t know…with the metabolic reset program, you are working on getting your body into ketosis- which means it is burning your excess fat for energy rather than muscle. To achieve this you have to lower the amount of energy/food you give it from carbohydrates.

My friends will often ask questions like, “is relish a carbohydrate?” and I always say…”is it a protein?” “No.” “Is it a fat? “No.” Then the only thing left is a carbohydrate.  Makes everything easier to remember for me this way.  Anyway, it takes about three days of lowering your carbohydrate intake to 20 grams in order for your body to naturally go into ketosis, but again, sometimes it can be waylaid by that dressing you thought was just fat. Little did you know, it also had carbs in it. Or how about that salami that tasted so good? Yeah, it’s a protein, but it might have hidden wheat/carbs in it from processing. You know you’re in ketosis when you urinate on a special stick with a chemical on it, and then it changes to a pink color. This is wonderful reassurance that you are on the right track.  I like it better than the scale because the scale can be fickle at times, but there is no denying chemistry.

So having pink on board made my small temptation during the evening easier.  The tiny devil was pizza and ice cream, but seriously it was costco pizza and vanilla Hagen Das chocolate covered ice cream- so it had no chance against the pink.  Of course, it helped that I knew the menu ahead of time, and also that I brought food that I liked and could enjoy instead.

Day 6

So finished the church sleep over and woke up to minimal protein for breakfast, but made sure I had enough to get me home and keep any temptations at bay.  My husband reminded me of the school potluck that night and our obligation to bring something, which my son chose…my baking.  AHHHHHH!  Unexpected temptation and expectation.  What to do, what to do?

Luckily, my son chose a non-chocolate dessert (I think it ill advised to elaborate the chosen dessert in a weight maintenance blog-it seems in poor taste- you know what I mean?) so off to the store I went.  To me, potlucks are a mixed bag, the chance of me finding something I can eat are good, but it also means I have to wade through saying no to a lot more things.  Also, sole protein dishes are often few and far between unless it’s a featured item like a barbeque.  So I chose to buy a fabulous salad with some protein, and then cooked additional chicken to add so I had enough protein for my dinner meal.

Now to conquer the baking.  I was baking a recipe I had already tried about three weeks ago, and had tried (yes, dear, during THAT OFF OFF time) so I reminded myself (4,286 times!) that I had already tried this recipe, and it required little tweaking, so I had no reason to indulge.  That worked for the first part, but the second part had more elements I love to eat. So I did what any other self-respecting person would do…I peed.

Yes, since I missed my ketosis check in the morning, I did it amidst baking and saw it was still saturated pink (not a fluke, after all!).  This gave me greater power in returning to the kitchen to complete the job.  But WAIT!  There’s more.  I have been whitening my teeth these last few days and needed to do it today so why not have something in my mouth that would prevent the tasting and snitching, and prevent mishaps when a little something falls into my hands?  My other go to strategies are sugar-free gum and a dust mask (that looks like a surgical mask).  Do people laugh when they hear this?  Yes, but I laugh a lot harder when I look better than them in jeans!  So today felt good because I can’t say the moments are always as clear as this, but celebrating these simple times gives me more to draw from in my future when things get tough again.

Day 8

Well, I had an unexpected invite to dinner last night…Mexican (translation:  more food than you need, tortillas and chips).  Did well in choosing to have celery and salsa rather than chips and salsa, ordered my standard fajita without beans or rice or tortillas (easier to skip tortillas because they were corn which I don’t like).  Tried to really look at my veggie intake so I could keep my pink, but found myself picking at it over the course of the conversation when we were done.

Well, when I work up this morning, my pink had faded…it was still there, mind you, but I could tell that yesterday’s eating was not where I can be at to maintain my pink.  I don’t see it as a failure but I must also not waste my time off task, period.  I talked with my husband about our anniversary dinner and how to go about it.  I figured I had three possibilities:  stay the course with only food and portions of the program, allow myself bites of delights that my husband would eat but I would get to try (note: this option would take me out of pink) or have one full serving of one thing (also take me out of pink).

I struggled in making my decision because that little voice says, “I have never been to this restaurant and am unlikely to go again anytime soon, it’s my anniversary-and/or I have never had this dessert before.”  Compelling, yes.  Decisions, decisions…after talking with my hubby, we agreed that pink has been a long time coming and I need to stick with it and focus on the parts of the dinner I can thoroughly enjoy without messing with my program.  I also kicked in a promise that we would return at a later date to try the desserts (honestly, we probably never will…there are far more desserts in my life than I can actually ever try…but it makes me feel better about the decision).  It’s funny, now that I have made the decision, I feel better about the dinner rather than tortured by vacillating between possibilities.

Today was a long one at work, but I was armed.  I had meetings in the morning, the afternoon off, and then back again in the evening.  Well, after exercising in the afternoon, I ate lunch late and headed to the mall figuring I could make it back to my work for dinner without needed a snack.  WRONG!  About an hour into it, I started feeling hungry.  Partly I can tell when this is happening by how much I notice sweets and chocolates around me.  Now mind you, malls are not veggie and meat kind of places.  I went to the food court but everything seemed too much (in portion and price) or too complicated (if I have a hamburger will I also end up with cheese?) for a simple snack.  I usually keep almonds around but didn’t bring them today.  Arrghh!  So I left the mall and found a chicken breast at a nearby store, ripped off the skin and was doing much better.  Crisis averted.

Day 12

So this week has flown by and I am happy to say it has been pink all week.    Yesterday was a challenge but I met it with a plan- which is one of my strongest strategies.  I went to my first of two chocolate classes and had dinner with a friend with no slips.  Today was a little more challenging because when I got to the truffle making class we were invited to create our own flavors of ganache to put inside the truffle.  Rats!  Didn’t see that coming…what would it do to my resolve?  Should I throw in the towel and enjoy the chocolate and the anniversary dinner since I would be risking pink anyway?  Well, since I had really mentally prepared to not give up the pink today, I stuck with that.  My tasting was minimal and I took any left over ganache others had already mixed and didn’t bother tasting it since they had and already approved it.  I made sure I had protein in the car so if I started to get hungry I had a better answer than “well, eat the truffles.”  Got out of there with minimal problems and tasting, and made sure I had a heavy protein lunch with less carbs involved (both to counter balance the tasting, and to account for dinner later on).

Dinner was interesting because when I stopped looking at the menu for desserts earlier in the week, I also stopped looking at the main menu, figuring I could tinker with it.  Well, imagine my surprise when most of the food items had minimal protein and heavy grain.  Ahhhh!  Luckily, they did have salmon and two steaks, so hubby and I opted for their specialty of steak for two which came with minimalist veggies (sautéed in butter and spices).  Yeah!!!  We did order crab cakes as an appetizer but I peeled off the outer fried shell and enjoyed the insides.  Hubby was more than willing to eat the outside for me.  We didn’t even look at the dessert menu.  Here was the fun part of the story.  The reason we ate here was because we had a gift card from a thankful stranger after I cared for her dog after it had been left at the dog park by some dog sitters.  Well six hours later the dog and owner were reunited and she was incredibly grateful (no children, just this dog) so thanked me with this card.  The card not only covered this lavish dinner, but we actually have enough to go back in a few months to then enjoy their desserts!  Sounds like a win-win to me.

Day 13

So I woke up this morning expecting that I might have lost my pink but was pleasantly surprised to find all is well and I am plugging along.  I have decided tomorrow I will weigh to see where I am at now, because I feel like these last two weeks have been just to get my body and me out of the fog of my indiscretions, and now I am going to pull ahead in this race.  It is amazing the feeling of power you start to have when you conquer obstacles such as yesterday.  First, you feel pride but you also start to realize what a big deal you made out of food when it had very little impact on the event overall.  I still enjoyed my truffle class even though I didn’t have any (but made the person who received them happy) and I had a marvelous evening with my husband- even though I didn’t have some of my normal celebratory foods (dessert, latte, grains and wine, in that order).

I am also starting to notice the lack of moodiness I have lately.  Haven’t yelled at the boys all week.  Sounds a little like an angry drunk, huh?  Don’t get me wrong, I am still fully capable of yelling, but the irritability, and urge are just not very compelling despite some of the circumstances being the same as before.

So I now need to make some more goals.  Next week I start back to school full time, and must integrate my exercise and my son getting up with me (usually I do my morning routine with exercise alone).

My goal is to stay in the pink and keep to my planned meals.  That will put me 21 days on program, and 17 days in the pink.  My goal would be 30 days of pink (9/19) and 40 days of program (9/29).  At the end of the month is the Chocolate Fest, which I will be attending.  I will need to make a decision about that, but am thinking I will probably allow tastes of only things I have never had before which should eliminate a lot of extra tasting (because trust me, honey, I have already tasted A LOT of chocolate in my 45 years!).

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