Vulnerability & the Courage to be Imperfect

This is an incredible talk that I believe touches on some of the core concepts of life, and does so in a manner that is not smarmy…which is impressive! Brené Brown speaks about her research with connection, vulnerability, and worthiness. In my opinion, her wisdom is applicable to all ages and all realms of life. […]

No thank you, I’ll take the support

Girls Talking

Many of you have received funny looks after declining the cupcake at a party, or bringing your own chicken to family dinner, or choosing water over wine at the bar. So how do we prevent feeling like, “that girl/guy,” in situations like these? One of the most difficult obstacles a lot of us face is […]

Vacation Tips

Now that it’s finally summer (disregard the thunder storm from yesterday)… it’s time to consider how to approach vacations. A lot of us are preparing vacations with our families, camping with friends, and road trips of all sorts. Here’s what some of you are wondering… – Am I really going to pack my scale? – […]