The link between stress and weight gain

  Do you ever notice your sweet tooth throbbing during times of stress? Or are you more of an I-could-eat-anything-in-a-bread-bowl type of person? It turns out these cravings are a natural by-product of cortisol, our fight-or-flight hormone. When you become stressed your brain signals your adrenal glands to release coritisol. Cortisol prepares your body to […]

Coconut oil is all the rage right now, but what’s all the hoopla about?

After all, coconut oil contains predominantly saturated fat, right? And saturated fat is still bad, right? Maybe not. There’s a profound quote often cited by scientists that goes something like this, “half of everything we know is wrong, we just don’t know which half yet.” It’s beginning to seem as though the connections we’ve attributed […]

Exposure to morning light may help with weight loss

Several recent studies have linked exposure to light in the early morning hours to a lower Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI is a calculation of weight to height and is often used to assess overweight and obesity. A higher BMI is a risk factor for many diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic disease. […]


What would you do with nine boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the house? Eating them is probably not weight-loss friendly, freezing them only makes them taste better, and parting with a few would send your household into rebellion. A technique developed in the 1980s to treat addiction may come in handy here. It’s called […]

Walking Can Reduce Chocolate Cravings

So we all know that exercising is good for us, right? Well, a recent study from the University of Innsbruck, in Austria, has shown that in addition to its other many benefits, a short 15-minute walk can help reduce cravings for sugary snacks, like chocolate. For most, these cravings are all too familiar, especially in […]