Part-time Position Open

Metabolic Reset & Weight Loss Program

Julie Starkel Nutrition, LLC

Position: Part-time, contract-based Nutritionist/Program Assistant

The Metabolic Reset & Weight Loss Program is a supervised, ketosis-based weight loss program.  We focus on blood sugar management, food allergy identification, and consistent support in order to ensure safe and effective weight loss in a caring environment.  Our approach recognizes that each person has a different relationship with food, and that certain foods are more nourishing for our bodies than others.  We also understand that meaningful weight loss takes time, and is the result of deep personal growth, and sustainable lifestyle changes.  With this program, clients receive the support and tools they need in order to reach their healthy weight, and to trust their ability to maintain it for life.

Our current program manager is looking for a reliable, flexible, and compassionate assistant to share administrative and counseling duties.


-Nutritional counseling—Focus includes weight loss as well as maintenance, food allergy/sensitivity identification, diabetes/blood sugar management, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, food addiction, and emotional eating.  Additionally the program assistant will take measurements including blood pressure, body measurements with measuring tape, weight, body fat and lean body mass percentage.

-Administration of clients’ payments, purchases, scheduling, etc.

-Marketing—Program advertisement involves creating flyers, internet/email marketing, as well as monthly free informational sessions in evenings to describe and promote the program.

-Inventory/Administrative—Tracking inventory, ordering supplements, updating website and Facebook page, blogging, insurance/billing, recipe development, and program development.

Time Commitments (20-24 hours/week):

  • Much of the 4-6 hours/week of admin/marketing work can be done remotely at your convenience
  • Client counseling:  The hours on this vary but currently the schedule is as follows:
    • Wednesday afternoons from 1 pm-6:30pm
    • Friday mornings from 8:00am through 1:00pm
    • Saturday mornings from 8:00am-1:00pm
    • Occasional client coverage on Monday afternoons
    • SOAP note writing for clients and help with Nutritionist/owner
    • Potential for vacation coverage admin work for our administrative assistant when she’s out of the office (occasional extra hours available)


Ideal Candidates:

  • Degree in nutrition with experience or additional education in counseling
  • History of working with people and enjoyed it
  • Must have proven counseling skills in difficult situations (please describe this in your letter)
  • Must have excellent communication and time management skills
  • Must be mature, poised, empathetic, and optimistic
  • Must exhibit excellent organizational skills
  • Starting now


Payment is based upon number of clients seen per week plus hourly for admin/marketing.  As this is a contract job, you will have your own business.  We will pay your business semi-monthly.  If you do not have your business set up, we can help guide you through that.  (It is not difficult.)

Interested individuals should look over our website ( and submit a cover letter and resume to Grace:

Please indicate why you are passionate about this work, and why you would be a good fit for our program. Please be specific about your strengths and weaknesses, past experiences, and future goals. Additionally, please respond (a short paragraph) with how you would approach the situation below.


A current client comes in for a weekly check-in appointment and tells you she’s had a really hard week. She tells you it was her son’s birthday party and she made cupcakes for the event. She ate one, and then for the rest of the weekend continued to eat poorly. She feels guilty, exhausted, and has gained 3 pounds.