Hormones vs. Calories

Raise your hand if you have attempted to lose weight before beginning the Met Reset Program. If your hand is up, you know that losing weight involves making peace with your hormones, rather than fighting them.

In his recent article, “Want to Lose Fat? Count Your Hormones, Not Your Calories,” Dr. Jade Teta describes how much your hormones dictate successful weight loss.

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Our hormones are the major communicators within our bodies.

They take the information from our diets, emotions, organs, fat and muscle cells (you name it!), and they create an action based on the status of each. One of my favorite excerpts from Dr. Jade Teta’s article reads…

“How many calories does sleep have? How many calories does stress have? Silly questions right? You can’t eat sleep and you can’t eat stress, but there is no denying that they dramatically impact how much you eat and what you crave to eat. They do this not because they are loaded with calories, but because of their negative impact on hormones.”

This is why the calories-in calories-out viewpoint is so dangerous. When America decided that the solution to weight loss was simply taking in less, and expending more, we completely discounted the following:

  •  The fact that we have hormones
  •  That the act of decreasing calories and increasing expenditure actually tells our hormones to slow our metabolism so we don’t lose weight (think survival mechanism)
  •  The fact that we all come from different gene pools, thus different factors affect our metabolisms—even our hormones vary from one another!
  •  The fact that some of us have reactions to foods resulting in weight gain (which has NOTHING to do with how many calories are within this food)
  •  That our blood sugar and hormones are affected by WHAT foods we eat, rather than how many calories are in these foods
  •  We can lose weight, but if it’s not weight loss from fat, it’s coming from either water loss or muscle loss…and neither allow for long-term success/maintenance

What does this mean?

It means that it is that complicated. And it’s crucial to get to know what this looks like for you specifically. Creating a healthy relationship with your hormones is a process, and one that is essential for success.

Tight blood sugar management and ketosis are the backbone to this program. And this is why it’s effective. When both blood sugar management and ketosis are present, we work with our hormones. The effect is that our hormones shift and instead of fighting us, they begin advocating for our healthy weight—and that is when we start seeing positive changes.


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