Giving Thanks in Good Health

This time of year can be a bit daunting for individuals with weight loss goals, but really, it doesn’t have to be! In fact, Thanksgiving is a great holiday to prepare us for approaching the holidays in good health. Thanksgiving brings turkey and leftovers, and we are thankful for this. Why? Because now not only do you have protein, but you have protein pre-made for the next couple weeks as well! 😉

If we think forward to how to approach Thanksgiving, we can abate the enigma of maintaining weight and energy through the festivities. One valuable way to think about this would be to remember how much energy you need and likely want to have in order to really appreciate and enjoy the holidays. If you know you feel better and more sustained when you’re eating well—then why succumb to the food coma?

Thanksgiving Tips:

  • Host the gathering! If you enjoy cooking, then focus on preparing the food, and putting together a stellar menu. You may find that you’re running around the kitchen more, and waiting on guests—but if extra activity is something you’re looking for, this might be the option for you!
  •  Bring a vegetable dish, or salad (or both) that you are excited about to your gathering.
  • Make your dinner plate as green as possible. It’s OK to take an excessive proportion of vegetables/salad. 🙂
  • Make a new Thanksgiving tradition that involves getting outside and moving.
    • Plan a Thanksgiving Day run or walk.
    • Invite friends and/or family to join an annual Thanksgiving Day football game…then retire inside to the tv for the professional stuff after.
  • Be guileless with others and let them know that you’ve been focusing more on your health this past year. You don’t have to delve into the specifics, but tell them what you’ve found after staying away from sugar, gluten, dairy, or alcohol…whatever the big thing is for you, be honest with your family and friends.
  • Do not starve yourself on Thanksgiving Day. Wake up and eat adequate meals and snacks throughout the day. The body can tell when it’s been deprived of energy, and it will retaliate by causing you to feel voracious towards your meal come afternoon/evening.
  • Make the week leading up to, and surrounding Thanksgiving a great week. Ensure that the fridge is well stocked with the foods you need, avoid any foods and added sugars that cause you to have cravings, and keep your exercise up. This way come Thanksgiving, you’re energized, confident, and making healthy choices naturally.

Remember that this day is about giving thanks, not beating yourself up. Put yourself first, and create a plan that is yours. Only you know what works for you, and if your plan supports your physical and mental health not only on Thanksgiving, but the following day as well, then you’ve done something right.

Lastly, we are thankful for you. You all bring meaning and clarity to our lives, inspire us to work harder in all aspects of life, and to make health a priority every day. Thank you for all you bring to our lives, and happy Thanksgiving!!!

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