Detoxification the Metabolic Reset Way:

“Detoxification” is a scary word for many.  It can conjure up images of giant water bottles filled with cayenne pepper and lemon juice. Or, remarks such as, “I haven’t eaten for days…I’m detoxing.” But the truth is that there are many ways to detox, or cleanse the body.  By following the Metabolic Reset & Weight Loss Program we cleanse our bodies through clean eating and by eliminating toxins. All while using fat molecules for energy.

Our environment is laden with toxins. These include food allergens, chemicals, medications, pesticides, hormones, pollution, and even some food items like caffeine. So where do the toxins go? They may hang out in the liver and slow the efficiency of the countless metabolic pathways there. They also may hide away in our fat cells.

During ketosis we break into these fat cells to convert fat molecules into energy. This is one reason why entering ketosis can make us feel a bit under the weather— when we enter ketosis the toxins begin making their way out. However, within a couple of days, and in combination with proper hydration, we are able to flush them out of our body. This results in mental clarity, metabolic efficiency, and healthier fat cells.

Detoxification & Micronutrients:

The best cleanses or detoxification treatments keep you on a micronutrient-based diet to increase the amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals available. These micronutrients work as co-factors in countless reactions that enable our bodies to break toxins down. They make our metabolisms hum, and our muscles contract. So, with sufficient micronutrients, we are able to break down toxins and flush them out. Because you’re eliminating your toxic load through the clean and unprocessed foods listed on the shopping list, micronutrients can focus on getting the old toxins out. In fact, we are now requiring a high mineral multivitamin alongside this program in order to support an efficient metabolism as well as efficient detoxification pathways.

Detoxification Breakdown…

Detoxification is beneficial for energy, mood, weight control and sleep. Even after you’ve reached your healthy weight, scheduling periodic Detoxification is a great way to support your metabolism and maintain your healthy weight for life. So keep your water bottles at your side (don’t worry about the cayenne pepper unless you love it), keep up the clean eating, and keep on with ketosis!


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