Flavorful Additions: Part 3

This post is part of our Flavorful Additions series, click to see Part 1 and Part 2.   Today we focus our attention on the flavor and health benefits of lemon juice. Long prized for its promotion of detoxification, lemon cleanses the body, including our overworked livers! Lemons are also a good source of Vitamin […]

Flavorful Additions: Part 2

  This post is part of our Flavorful Additions series, to see Part 1, click here. Got that 2pm slump? Instead of running to the vending machine, consider a handful of nuts to provide the satisfaction of satiety and all-important energy. In particular, look to the almond for its versatility and health benefits. Additionally, almonds […]

Kick up the Flavor and Health Benefits of Your Weeknight Meals

Flavorful Additions – Part 1 This series of posts will provide you with simple tips and recipes to kick up the flavor and health benefits of your weeknight meals. Whether you’ve got 5 minutes to throw together an energy-filled lunch, or 30 minutes to prepare dinner we will teach you several flexible recipes to satisfy […]

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How to Skip the Cookie Swap this Year!

If there is one thing that isn’t conducive to losing weight, it’s bulk cookie making. If you’re the type that makes hordes of cookies each year to give away to friends and family, consider a homemade alternative. ORNAMENTS! Here’s how to make a simple, yet beautiful, monogramed accordion fold Christmas tree ornament: Supplies: -1 sheet […]

Eat Well, Live Longer and Better with a Healthy Diet!

Do you want to live longer and better? Epidemiological research makes a strong association between a healthy diet and a longer, better life! A large study of food patterns in women with an average age of 61 found that women with the “healthiest” diets were 30% less likely to die from any cause during the […]

Thriving Through the Holiday Season

Tips for surviving THRIVING this holiday season! In our culture, seasonal festivities are centered heavily around food. Unfortunately, these holiday foods don’t tend to be very forgiving on our waistlines!  In an effort to make your Thanksgiving both relaxing and satisfying, we’ve compiled some points to consider when planning your Thanksgiving feast. Then, check out […]

Eat More Veggies, Lose Cellulite!

Plant-based diets have been found to decrease subcutaneous fat, and therefore cellulite levels in several studies. Adiponectin, a fat burning hormone, is found to increase in the body after consuming a vegetarian diet. On the flip side, a carnivorous breakfast of sausage and eggs has been shown to decrease the levels of the hormone within […]

Shout out to Chrystian and Jen!

This winter, these two came into the clinic with the goal of improving their health and quality of life. They joked about their co-dependent relationship, talking about how they do everything together, and were serious about improving their health together. Chrystian told me, “I want to grow old with this girl I kinda like.” Too […]

Spring Inspiration

Perhaps it’s the shift in weather, or Julie’s current adherence with the program (Go Julie!), or perhaps it’s that in the past couple of weeks we have reviewed several lab results indicating huge improvements …either way, during our weekly meeting today, we found ourselves in AWE of all of you. Several of you began this […]