Benefits of Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid, also known as lipoic acid or ALA (not to be confused with alpha-linoleic acid which is an omega-3 fatty acid), is a fatty acid naturally produced in the body. It functions to convert glucose (blood sugar) to energy and has antioxidant properties which help in the elimination of damaging free radicals. Alpha-lipoic acid […]

Missing your favorite rice dishes in your weight-loss program? Cauliflower could be the answer!

Missing your favorite rice dishes in your weight-loss program? Cauliflower could be the answer! This cruciferous vegetable, when finely chopped, has a texture similar to rice with a great, mild flavor. Cauliflower is a good source of the antioxidant, vitamin C, as well as folate. It can be used uncooked in a cold dish, or it can be steamed […]

March is National Nutrition Month!

  It’s National Nutrition Month! March is the perfect month to refocus your attention to living a healthy lifestyle! We are leaving winter behind and entering a season of increased sunshine and warmer weather. Take this opportunity to celebrate national nutrition month and all the hard work you have been doing to improve your own […]

Get Started Today

  Begin your journey by contacting us today to learn more. We understand that you may have further questions, and we are happy to talk with you about your options. Additionally, we hold free monthly informational sessions where we discuss program details, and hear from current clients about their experiences. Who are our clients? Our clients are […]

Spring Grilled Asparagus

Spring is here! Spring is here! And with it comes beautiful local asparagus to indulge in. Better yet, we’ve got a grilled asparagus salad recipe that makes a lovely weekend lunch alongside some grilled chicken. Eating asparagus can be very advantageous for your health. It is relatively high in dietary fiber and several antioxidants. Additionally […]

What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is a phrase that is thrown around a lot these days.  It’s a trend that is suddenly everywhere, but what exactly does it mean? The term “clean eating” means choosing the healthiest foods and ingredients and paying attention to where food comes from, registered dietitian nutritionist Rachel Knopf Shey and cookbook author Attila […]

Spring Transformation

The spring season is full of transformations. The temperature rises to a more bearable degree, opposing Mother Nature’s last few months of freezing surroundings. The leaves we saw fall and flowers we saw wilt are now budding into lush, green, picture-perfect plants. Aside from the weather’s transformations that occur in the spring season, we are […]

What’s all the hype about Garcinia Cambogia?

What do you think about Garcinia Cambogia? Garcinia cambogia has received media attention lately for its use as a weight loss supplement. From the rind of the tamarind fruit, the bioactive compound thought to have weight loss effects is the naturally occurring chemical, hydroxycitric acid. Where can you find Garcinia Cambogia? If your mind goes […]

Versatile Cauliflower Hummus

Raw veggies make the ultimate snack. They are quick to prepare, nutritious and easy to eat on the go. Sometimes we get bored with the same old veggie routine, so here is a cauliflower hummus dip to mix it up! The best part is, you can mix and match the spices so you get a […]

Pumpkin and Bacon Soup

Entertaining friends and family can be difficult while on a weight-loss diet. It certainly isn’t fun to spend hours in the kitchen, only to prepare yourself a separate meal, especially if your portion doesn’t elicit as many “ohhs” and “yums!” Some guests may even have notions that you’ve adopted the diet of a rabbit in […]