A true story about how to eat well at work, without eating alone.

When I was working to make major changes to my diet, the workplace support was so critical. It seemed really difficult at first because of all the pressures with events and snacks being brought in all the time. The occasional vegetable tray and fruit bowls were around the office, but they dramatically outnumbered the cakes/cookies/treats. […]

Weighing in with Julie-Week 4

Day 14 Well today was quite a clunker. Woke up to pink all gone. I was a little thrown but given I had been eating more rogue over the weekend (small proportions but more dairy, sodium, marinated products), I wasn’t thrown, and figured I would rebound. Besides, today was weighing day and I hadn’t been on […]

Weighing in with Julie-Week 2

Day 5 Well, I woke up this morning feeling good.  My transition back wasn’t so hard.  The fluffy weight around my middle is dissipating and less inflamed, which is one of the main symptoms I can see when I am eating off.  Sometimes I experience some gastrointestinal shifts and irritation.  The sugar irritation is still […]

A Tale of Eating Out.

What is the saying about “best laid plans often go astray”?  Well, in my case, they surely did on Day 5 of the metabolic reset.  It was a belated birthday lunch with friends and wanting to be successful (and not sabotage myself as I have often done in the past); I did what I could […]