Monthly Support Group for Metabolic Reset Clients

Attend our Next Monthly Support Group   Are you seeking a community of people that understand and can relate to your experience? Have you become less social as a result of setting a new health goal? Are you feeling alone in your pursuit to change your relationship with food? Do you struggle with meal planning? […]

The 9 Best Ways to Avoid Overeating Halloween Candy

Is Halloween a dreaded time of year for you? Does having bags of candy around the house feel like an unsafe environment? Do you struggle with Halloween candy coma? Once you start opening those bite sized sugar laden treats, do you find that you can’t stop?  Enjoy these tips from one of our favorite mindfulness […]

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  Begin your journey by contacting us today to learn more. We understand that you may have further questions, and we are happy to talk with you about your options. Additionally, we hold free monthly informational sessions where we discuss program details, and hear from current clients about their experiences. Who are our clients? Our clients are […]

Shout out to Chrystian and Jen!

This winter, these two came into the clinic with the goal of improving their health and quality of life. They joked about their co-dependent relationship, talking about how they do everything together, and were serious about improving their health together. Chrystian told me, “I want to grow old with this girl I kinda like.” Too […]

Spring Inspiration

Perhaps it’s the shift in weather, or Julie’s current adherence with the program (Go Julie!), or perhaps it’s that in the past couple of weeks we have reviewed several lab results indicating huge improvements …either way, during our weekly meeting today, we found ourselves in AWE of all of you. Several of you began this […]

Get Started Today

We understand that the decision to get started can bring up many emotions, and we are happy to talk with you about your options.

Trying New Things

Generally, I am a person who knows what she wants and most importantly, I know what I DON’T like.  I might be flexible at times (there are some things just worth being flexible over), but food is generally not one of them. That said, I probably have gotten myself into a rut with the foods […]


The New Year and the New You It is that time of year again.  The New Year = New Resolutions.  And to be honest, I am not known for accomplishing all my resolutions.  Oh sure, I get some “stuff” on my list done… but usually it is the “stuff” that I do for other people… […]

Weighing in with Julie-Week 15

Really, is that gluten free too? Okay, so this whole gluten free thing has been going through its own development which I am happy to share. Stage 1: Ahh, that has gluten? Oh, it is not good for my body…I will pass. Stage 2: Seriously, is there ANYTHING in the world that is made without […]

Weighing in with Julie-Week 14

A weird turn of events: So mine eyes are open and I can truly see…this week has been so interesting with this new found information regarding my gluten sensitivity.  It is amazing how a little piece of information can really help put things into perspective.  I think of Maya Angelou “I did then what I […]