Weighing in with Julie-Weeks 12 & 13

Week 12 Pretty in Pink So this week has been rocking so far. I am on my third week in the pink and working the program. I haven’t been on the scale because I feel that I get too sucked into the number and if it doesn’t go down, I start back on the emotional […]

Giving Thanks in Good Health

This time of year can be a bit daunting for individuals with weight loss goals, but really, it doesn’t have to be! In fact, Thanksgiving is a great holiday to prepare us for approaching the holidays in good health. Thanksgiving brings turkey and leftovers, and we are thankful for this. Why? Because now not only […]

Food Sensitivities, Allergens & Inflammation

Inflammation - Symptoms of food allergy

Inflammation is arguably one of the largest instigators of weight gain, inability to lose weight, and several digestive issues, among other health issues. Let’s look at two specific causes of inflammation: food sensitivities and allergens. It’s important to understand the similarities and differences between the two terms, because, while food allergy and food sensitivity are […]

Weighing in with Julie-Week 11

Halloween: I thought in light of the holiday, I would present a scary story. So I am sitting on my computer after dark on Hallow’s Eve when I begin to hear a strange crinkling sound much like fallen leaves but coming from inside the house. It seems familiar but I can’t quite place it. I […]

Weighing in with Julie-Week 10

Getting back on track: Well it has been three days and all is well…I am doing what I need to be doing and feel fine. I seem to go through this amazement of seeing myself commit and succeed and yet I am always amazed by the previous period when I felt so incapable of doing […]

Halloween Tips

Let’s be honest, even though we are adults, Halloween can still be scary. But now the fear is derived less from witches and scarecrows hiding on porches but more from….THE CANDY. Because we are humans, we have an innate preference for sugar. This stems back to infancy—it is this innate preference that drives infants towards […]

November 15th FREE Info Session!

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Weighing in with Julie-Week 9

Back from Chicago So I am back from Chicago and went directly into a week of preparation for my presentation at a conference. Very honored but very nervous. Meanwhile, back at work, things are heating up. I had another appointment with my functional medicine doctor who did an assessment for me and decided that a […]