Thriving Through the Holiday Season

Tips for surviving THRIVING this holiday season! In our culture, seasonal festivities are centered heavily around food. Unfortunately, these holiday foods don’t tend to be very forgiving on our waistlines!  In an effort to make your Thanksgiving both relaxing and satisfying, we’ve compiled some points to consider when planning your Thanksgiving feast. Then, check out […]

Eat More Veggies, Lose Cellulite!

Plant-based diets have been found to decrease subcutaneous fat, and therefore cellulite levels in several studies. Adiponectin, a fat burning hormone, is found to increase in the body after consuming a vegetarian diet. On the flip side, a carnivorous breakfast of sausage and eggs has been shown to decrease the levels of the hormone within […]

Shout out to Chrystian and Jen!

This winter, these two came into the clinic with the goal of improving their health and quality of life. They joked about their co-dependent relationship, talking about how they do everything together, and were serious about improving their health together. Chrystian told me, “I want to grow old with this girl I kinda like.” Too […]

Inner Yoga

Our relationship with food is about far more than carbs, protein, fat, grocery shopping and cooking. This becomes quite apparent during weight loss, food allergy/sensitivity testing, and maintenance. Regardless of the specifics of your health and weight journey, emotional health intersects with physical and nutritional health…and this means care and attention must be directed to […]

Vulnerability & the Courage to be Imperfect

This is an incredible talk that I believe touches on some of the core concepts of life, and does so in a manner that is not smarmy…which is impressive! Brené Brown speaks about her research with connection, vulnerability, and worthiness. In my opinion, her wisdom is applicable to all ages and all realms of life. […]

Spring Inspiration

Perhaps it’s the shift in weather, or Julie’s current adherence with the program (Go Julie!), or perhaps it’s that in the past couple of weeks we have reviewed several lab results indicating huge improvements …either way, during our weekly meeting today, we found ourselves in AWE of all of you. Several of you began this […]

Get Started Today

We understand that the decision to get started can bring up many emotions, and we are happy to talk with you about your options.

New Recipes!

Many of you have expressed that you often find yourself making the same foods over and over again—especially when it comes to preparing your proteins. There are countless flavors and seasoning combinations for meat and fish, which can be overwhelming at first when you are not familiar with preparing meals from scratch. Even if you […]