Monthly Support Group for Metabolic Reset Clients

Attend our Next Monthly Support Group   Are you seeking a community of people that understand and can relate to your experience? Have you become less social as a result of setting a new health goal? Are you feeling alone in your pursuit to change your relationship with food? Do you struggle with meal planning? […]

Join Us in Welcoming Siona to Starkel Nutrition and the Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program

Siona Sammartino

We are excited to introduce our newest team member, Siona Sammartino, MS, RDN. Siona is a graduate of Bastyr University and has been practicing for 6+ years. She will manage the Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program, taking over from Brooke Brandeberry who is going on maternity leave at the end of this month, lead seasonal group cleanses, […]

Is It Time to Toss My Microwave?

I live in a very small space and have an old Kenmore microwave/convection oven that I’ve been cooking in for years. This oven came with my home and I have no way of knowing if it is older than my adult children, but I suspect it may be.  Over the years I’ve wondered about the […]

Why Not Diet Soda?

Diet Soda’s Downfall Unless you have had your head in the sand or living in major denial – you have heard that diet soda is purportedly bad for us. Perhaps as bad as its sugar-laden counterpart. How can this be? Why can’t we substitute diet soda for regular soda and reap the benefit of cutting […]

The Truth About Fat: Eat More, Burn More

Over the years we have learned, un-learned and re-learned how to fuel our bodies. The sheer volume of information, and how often it changes with time and research is staggering – and many of us are still confused. Understanding our bodies’ approach to burning the fuel we feed it might offer a little insight into […]

Welcome Brooke!

We are thrilled to welcome our newest edition to Starkel Nutrition and the Metabolic Reset and Weight Loss program, Brooke Brandeberry.  Brooke comes to us with a master’s of science degree in nutrition and clinical health psychology from Bastyr University, focusing on health for the whole person.  You will all get to know her very soon, […]

Getting to Know Fat

Let’s talk about fat. We talk about it quite a bit in this program. We look at percentages of our total weight, we look at the number of pounds that equates to, and we know it’s important to see these numbers decrease. This is valuable—but do we really understand fat beyond our own numbers? Our […]

6 Ways to Bust Out of a Cold Weather Exercise Rut!

As the weather gets colder, do you find it harder to get yourself moving? With less daylight in the evening it can be a challenge for many working people to get the minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day to benefit your body and mind. Here are some creative ideas for how to transform […]